October 16, 2012

Easy Batter Cobbler

Well, my search continues for pumpkin recipes and I have found a few that I am excited to try. I am going through each one to make sure that I not only have or can easily get all the ingredients but also that the recipe doesn't ask for anything outside my skill level. So, a few weekends ago (while I was still doing my research), I felt like the weather called for baking and I answered with an easy batter cobbler.

I have made this recipe many times over the past few years but never shared it here. It was a lucky find on allrecipes.com. It is called Easy Batter Fruit Cobbler and it is, as the name says, really easy and very versatile. The ingredients are always in my pantry, with special thanks to my grandma who makes sure that I can an extra can of home preserved peaches so that I can make this whenever I like. The recipe really can used with any fruit but I prefer peaches. Ryan's favorite is blackberry which is a delicious (and cheaper if you pick them yourself) option. I really want to see what this is like with bananas, like a variation on bananas foster. You can use any fruit that suits your fancy which means you can make this at any time of year with whatever is in season!

One of the coolest elements of this recipe is that a half stick of butter is added to the pie pan and melted in the oven as it pre-heats. Once melted, the batter is poured in the middle of the plate and the butter creates this amazing thin crust. I next add the fruit around the whole plate. When using peaches, I like to sprinkle the batter with a little nutmeg. Cinnamon is my spice of choice when using blackberries but both work well together.

The whole thing takes about 50 minutes to bake. The clean up is so easy (you don't need an electric mixer). Once golden and bubbly, it's ready! We love this Tillamook's Vanilla Bean ice cream. Serve and enjoy!

Happy Baking!

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