February 20, 2012

Gadgets & Tools - Measuring Cups & Spoons

It may seem silly to give advice on measuring cups and spoons but I have some. When my husband and I created our wedding registry we pretty much selected one of each thing or maybe at the most two of each. For example, we selected only two kitchen towels. We ended up with around seven or so and at first I didn't know what to do with so many. Now I am so thankful to have so many on hand! I've realized you can never have too many kitchen towels.

At first I only thought I would need one set of cups and spoons. I quickly found out I was wrong. I would highly recommend that any baker have at a minimum two sets. Having two sets saves a lot of time and hassle. My grandma gifted me another set of spoons and I love them. I think they are an older set of hers and they have uncommon measuring sizes, which is awesome. Nowadays, both the cups and spoons come in standard sizes. I often find this frustrating. My wonderful husband has been looking for unique size cups for me. We finally found some at Williams-Sonoma. They included a 3/4 cup which I really need. We held off on buying them at the time. Of course, when I now go onto their website I can longer find the cups. Second piece of advice: If you find something you need or desire for kitchen, don't waste time and buy it!

I also probably don't have to mention how much fun it can be to shop for cups and spoons. There are a lot of fun sets out there that can add quirky character to your kitchen. All of mine are Martha Stewart red. I love the way they look next to my pewter gray stand mixer.

Happy Baking!

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