April 27, 2012

Gadgets and Tools - Measuring Cups and Spoons Part 2

Earlier this year I posted about measuring cups and spoons. It was dream (yes, really, my dream) to find a set that included non-standard amounts. Well, folks, I have finally found it!

While on a road trip to Oregon, my husband graciously conceded to an outlet store shopping trip. While there I found a great kitchen supply store. I wandered and day dreamed as I always do in those stores. I made my way to the gadgets section and after staring at foldable funnels for a while and wondering if I would ever need one, a large box caught my eye. I was this close to freaking out inside the store. It was a 19 piece measuring set that included all the unique measuring sizes. 2/3 cups, 1 1/2 cups, 2 cups! There were even little spoons for a smidge, a pinch, and a dash. So cute. The kicker was that they even matched the color scheme in my kitchen. Sealed the deal.

The set is made by Progressive. I find their stuff at all the usual places, Bed Bath and Beyond or Fred Meyer. But I have yet to find something as awesome as this. Here is a link to their website if you want to more information. The picture is from their website.

I also got ramekins and a new pie plate on sale. With my plans to make pies more often this has come in handy. Best. Shopping Trip. Ever.

Having a second set, especially one with unusual sizes, has totally changed the way I bake. I am so beyond excited about this!

Happy Baking!

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