March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ryan

My husband's birthday was this last Thursday. Each year since we got married I bake him something special. Last year was a mad dash to the grocery store for a vanilla cake mix. I have nothing against box cakes, but this time around I wanted to do something a little more from scratch. This year I decided to use one of his favorite dessert ingredients: blackberries! I had thought of doing a recipe from the Domestic Goddess but I didn't have all the ingredients. Option two, a blackberry pie!

The recipe called for a 1/4 cup of sugar on the top crust. I only used about two tablespoons, maybe less. It gave the top crust a nice caramelized crunch. I don't really prefer that for pies but it gave me an idea on a few desserts to experiment on. In the end, it was really yummy and a great success for my first blackberry pie!

(My pie crust recipe comes from Martha Stewart. It is amazing! Find the link on my Recipes page!)

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

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  1. Ryan's a lucky man! Looks delicious; I happen to like blackberry pie too :) ~m