March 6, 2012

Cookbook Review 2

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook
by Dinah Bucholz

Yes, you read that correctly, there is such a thing as a Harry Potter cookbook. First, let me start off by stating that the cookbook is not authorized by J.K. Rowling or Warner Bros. Entertainment hence the "unofficial" in the title. Ok, disclaimers aside, here we go...

I received this cookbook as a Christmas present from my in-laws. I absolutely love everything Harry Potter and I quickly proceeded to read through the entire thing. The book is compromised of ten chapters, each relating to a different topic or place in the Harry Potter books. There are receipts for Aunt Petunia's pudding, treats from Diagon Alley, a chapter on all the breakfast food Harry, Ron, and Hermione ate while at school, favorite dishes from all the school feasts, Harry's favorite Treacle Tart, and of course a whole chapter dedicated to Harry's favorite cook, Mrs. Weasley.

Each recipe begins with where it is found in the books. Sometimes there are even great historical facts on where the recipe came from or why it has a funny name. A few recipes include ingredients that you can't get in the US (blood sausage anyone?) but most have ingredients easy to find and more than not often stocked in your pantry.

The first thing I made was the Cornish Pasties. The instructions weren't too complicated; it just took a long time. I recommend making the dough a day early if you have the time. I don't think we ate until eight o'clock in the evening when I first made these but they were so worth it. The picture below is from my first attempt.

My second favorite is the Meat and Potato Pies which I shared with you earlier this year.

There are so many others I really want to try, not because they are from Harry Potter, but because they are also just so British. I plan on trying the Mince Pies come this Christmas. And what Sunday roast would be complete without Yorkshire Pudding? I will be sure to share all my Harry Potter baking adventures with you and maybe you can experience some of the magic yourself!

Cheers! And Happy Baking!


  1. English food can be so hit or miss. I love the idea of trying these recipes you would not normally consider. And, the Harry Potter theme just makes the whole thing more fun! I love this!

  2. Thanks, Erin! I agree on English food. But they have some really yummy stuff that they don't really get credit for!