March 16, 2012

Is it Spring yet?

As the month of March starts to wind down my mind starts to shift towards Spring and towards the lighter side of baking. Lemon flavors, whipped toppings, coconut and yummy fruit pies. Well, with the weather we've been having you would never know the first day of Spring is just days away!

Maybe a little Spring baking will help bring the sunshine. I've started a list of all the new recipes I want to try. I love trying new recipes. I have so much fun learning something new and finding new flavors. I even find myself enjoying reading through recipes. It might seem a little boring or daunting but I totally recommend you read through the entire recipe well ahead of time. First, read through the ingredients to make sure you have everything in your pantry. Make a shopping list for anything you don't have. Sometimes I make my list while at work and I don't always remember that I already bought a certain ingredient and I end up with more than I need. It's not always a problem but make sure you aren't wasting ingredients because you buy too much.

Next, read all of the instructions thoroughly. Sometimes I end up not having the tools required and therefore I either have to add those to my shopping list or I have to pass on the recipe completely. You also want to make sure you have enough time to complete the recipe. For some recipes, the dough has to sit in the fridge overnight. If I have a specific event that I am baking for I usually pick something that will fit in between the time I have available to bake.

There also may be instructions in the recipe that you don't understand what it means. I Google any terms I don't know. If there is a technique I am not familiar with I read up on that, too. If after reading you're still not sure you might just have to pick a different recipe.

Enjoy the coming of Spring! I'll be posting my new recipe adventures here soon.

Happy Baking!

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