March 15, 2014

Aprons: The Baker's fashion statement, part 2

Since I am getting back to blogging about baking I decide to read through some of my old posts. There were a lot of ideas back there that I completely forgot about. One was my obsession with aprons since, well, an apron is what inspired this blog's name. I think about aprons a little too often. Whenever I'm shopping at Target or any store like that I find myself straying towards the kitchen section to see what aprons they I have.

I realized that there were a few other ideas out there I wanted to share along the lines of themed aprons. One theme I so wanted to go for was geek. Or nerdy. Or just totally awesome. Which works since nerd is so cool right now (thank you to The Big Bang Theory, best TV show ever).

With that said, I bring you my top picks for totally awesome, nerd-tastic, geek-out aprons (again brought to you by Most of these are totally on my wish list. I might need to start a section in my closet for my aprons...

Let's start with the obvious nerd topic for me, Harry Potter. Because I'm just slightly obsessed with the Boy Who Lived. While some may go for something like this, my pick is a little more subtle. This one is super cute, too. But this Polyjuice Potion apron is just so hilarious that I kind of want one.

Keeping with the British theme there is always a Tardis inspired option. Sure, there are some that look more like the Tardis itself. But, come on. Bow tie? Total win.

Of course, when talking nerd you can't leave out Star Wars. That's just wrong. But this apron? Just right. 

And let's not leave out the gamers. A little Link inspiration, anyone? Ok, not really the cutest but there is no doubt there's a Zelda theme going on. 

And for the superhero, comic fans? Well, plenty to chose from

Finally I leave you with this epic Hunger Games version. And yes, I kind of want this one, too. Oh, Peeta...

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